How Finding a New Favorite TV Show Is a Lot Like Falling in Love

  I'm currently in a long term, committed relationship... with a television show. It might sound laughable but nearing my first anniversary with my now-favorite show, I'm realizing having a favorite TV show is a lot like falling in love and having a relationship. It started off innocently enough. My TV show and I traveled... Continue Reading →


It doesn't rain much here, in the desert, so when it does, it's a special occasion. This morning I woke up thinking it must still be early because it was so dark but I was extremely happy to discover the darkness was due to clouds and a light rain. I like rain, but Ryan likes... Continue Reading →


I love beginnings. Beginnings are full of promise and possibility and wonder. Beginnings are new and fresh. Beginnings  are exciting. Sunrises, weddings, births, the beginning of a story, a dance, a race, an endeavor - all are beginnings of the best kind, each inspiring anticipation to shimmer and sparkle through our veins and our souls.... Continue Reading →

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