Where the Heck is Ausfahrt?

Christmas Market in Cologne
Me at the Kölnmarkt, circa late 2002. (Christmas Market in Cologne, Germany)

“‘Was möchten Sie trinken?’ The Lufhansa flight attendant’s question sent a slight thrill coursing through me. If someone had asked me in 1995 where I thought I would be in five years, I certainly wouldn’t have answered, ‘Starting my new life in Germany.’ Though my flight was still at the gate in LAX, being asked what I would like to drink in German somehow made me feel as though I’d already crossed some unseen border and was no longer in my own country. I’d never traveled so far before and I couldn’t wait to get off the ground. My husband – and my new life – were waiting for me on the other side of the Atlantic.”

The above excerpt is from my upcoming travel memoir, Where the Heck is Ausfahrt? Five years of fests,  foibles, and adventures as an Army wife in Germany, chronicling my journey from wide-eyed new Army wife to seasoned international traveler. Christmas markets, wine fests, and that elusive destination, Ausfahrt, are just the beginning of an adventure that changed my life forever.

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