I love beginnings. Beginnings are full of promise and possibility and wonder. Beginnings are new and fresh. Beginnings  are exciting. Sunrises, weddings, births, the beginning of a story, a dance, a race, an endeavor – all are beginnings of the best kind, each inspiring anticipation to shimmer and sparkle through our veins and our souls.

Beginnings haven’t had time to disillusion or disappoint – or even if they have, beginnings are still early yet. You can choose to start over or go back… usually. And if doing so isn’t possible, you can always try again or move on to the next thing – the next new beginning.

One of my favorite sayings is, “You never know what the day will bring.” Even if your day has gotten off to a less than stellar start, there’s always a chance something good is only moments away.

As thrilling as beginnings can be, they can also be terrifying. It’s easy to be plagued by self-doubt and second guesses. It’s easy to become immobilized beneath the weight of what-ifs. Each choice we make eliminates a world of possibilities but it opens up a universe of others.

So I’m raising my glass and my pen to a new beginning. I hope you’ll join me.


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