It doesn’t rain much here, in the desert, so when it does, it’s a special occasion. This morning I woke up thinking it must still be early because it was so dark but I was extremely happy to discover the darkness was due to clouds and a light rain. I like rain, but Ryan likes it even more. He went outside, sans raincoat or umbrella, and proceeded to have a great time simply playing in the rain.

At first, I watched him in our backyard through the kitchen window as I finished washing the coffee pot. He had stripped off his now wet shirt and with his arms outstretched, was reveling in the feeling of the rain on his skin. I took this moment in, savoring his unabashed innocence and purity of spirit, watching him living wholly in the moment.

I grabbed an umbrella and wandered out to join him. Seeing my umbrella, Ryan made me promise not to hold it over his head. I laughed and said I wouldn’t. We were standing near my car, which had plenty of rainwater on it. Ryan looked at the water on the car, then looked at me and said, “Mom, come here.”

Not being born yesterday and knowing my son, I laughed and said, “No!” but I couldn’t back away before Ryan managed to swipe the water off my car and onto me.

It was now on.

I put space between myself and my car but Ryan had abandoned the car and was going to tackle me with his wet body and soak me that way. I used the umbrella as a shield, fending off his advances. We were both laughing hysterically. My shield was working well except it was one of those extremely large umbrellas, so I couldn’t see which way he was going to go. I was also afraid I might accidentally poke him with the top of the umbrella. I raised the umbrella to take a peek and it was just the opening Ryan needed. I found myself in the grip of a bear hug courtesy of my soaking wet boy.

I was now soaked, too, and Ryan was extremely pleased with himself.

Moments like these might not seem momentous or important at first glance – not say, like a wedding, birth, or graduation – but these are the moments that are spontaneous and true, that I cherish as they’re happening and will continue to cherish for the rest of my life. These are the moments of Ryan’s rapidly vanishing childhood that I will tuck away in my heart, in that special place moms have for all things precious and beautiful.


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